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Motion Health Services featuring DARI

Advanced Technology for Bone and Joint Health

Innovations in Motion

Introducing Susan B. Allen Motion Health Services—a unique service division combining existing services with new, cutting edge technology to deliver expanded wellness resources to our community.

Acquiring a breakthrough human motion analytics technology system called DARI, Susan B. Allen has implemented markerless predictive motion analytics screenings to serve physicians, employers, athletes, and health-minded people of all ages.


Encouraging Corporate Wellness

According to the CDC, bone and joint health disorders account for nearly 70 million physician office visits in the U.S. each year and drive up company healthcare costs.

Susan B. Allen Motion Health offers businesses the opportunity to better manage their employee health and wellness programs, controlling worker compensation costs, and helping employees move and feel better. Services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an organization, developing strategies to support greater productivity and overall wellness.

Susan B. Allen’s acquisition of the DARI system is a step toward integrating preventative care into employee health programs, by identifying threats to bone and joint health before they manifest in pain and injury.

Empowering Healthy Athletes

SBA continues to deliver leading health services to student athletes, with concussion management and treatment, and now motion analysis for greater performance and injury prevention.

A number of years ago, Susan B. Allen began working with area school districts to coordinate neurocognitive concussion management services, helping coaches, athletes and parents implement nationally-recognized concussion treatment protocols. With the addition of the DARI system, Susan B. Allen Motion Health offers new technology in expanded applications for athletic performance training and injury prevention.

Introducing DARI

The DARI system offers the world’s most advanced technology in motion health, quickly and accurately capturing musculoskeletal movements to identify possible threats to bone and joint health. This data can be used to avoid potential injuries, improve personalized training and rehabilitation services, and reduce overall healthcare costs with preventative care and wellness recommendations.

In addition to Susan B. Allen’s existing service areas of occupational medicine, sports medicine and training, and concussion management, the creation of Motion Health Services has allowed physicians to implement DARI’s advanced motion health capabilities to promote overall bone and joint health across various applications.

For More Information:

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