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Susan B. Allen Cancer Center


Introducing a new era in cancer treatment and care, from Susan B. Allen Cancer Center. We are proud to offer our community some of the world’s most sophisticated technology and tools to diagnose and treat cancer, right here close to home. We are a comprehensive cancer treatment center, with diagnostic abilities, biopsy and surgical services, groundbreaking radiation and chemotherapy options, an on-site laboratory, expert staff and access to important national clinical trials through our partnership with the Cancer Center of Kansas.

Since Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital opened the Cancer Center in 2003, cancer detection and treatment options have evolved. As a vital regional care provider, our hospital’s role in diagnosing and treating cancer is crucial, and bringing new advances to patients is part of our mission. Susan B. Allen is pleased to offer some of the most advanced technologies available, ushering in a new generation of cancer detection and treatment. These technologies, paired with highly trained professionals who provide care with a personal touch, maintain and extend the level of excellence in care that is the hallmark of Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, and gives our region some of the most advanced cancer treatment options of any available today, close to home.

Full-Service Cancer Center

SBA Cancer Center Team


Susan B. Allen Cancer Center


Susan B. Allen Cancer Center’s latest generation of cancer care includes state-of-the-art radiation treatments, utilizing advanced treatment planning and the latest in large-bore CT stimulation for targeted imaging and treatment. In addition, patients have access to advanced medical oncology services through our partnership with the Cancer Center of Kansas, right here in one convenient location. 

3D Printer in Radiation Oncology — Susan B. Allen is one of the first hospitals to offer 3D printing technology to aid in radiation therapy. A 3D printed bolus can enhance the treatment for patients undergoing radiation therapy by aiding in the even distribution of radiation doses. 3D technology uses the patient’s CT scan to accurately mold a custom bolus to each patient’s anatomy. More accurate molds lead to decreased set-up times and increased accuracy during delivery of the radiation which results in more effective treatments.

CT Simulation Imaging System — Obtaining extensive CT images is crucial in limiting healthy tissue’s exposure to radiation and is the first step in advanced radiation therapy. The CT simulation process allows for a patient’s natural breathing and slight movements to be factored into the treatment plan and captures the patient in the same position in which they will be treated.

Low Dose CT Chest Screening – In the past, most lung cancers have been caught in later stages, which make it more difficult to treat. With the Low Dose CT Chest Screening offered at Susan B. Allen, it allows lung cancer to be caught at an earlier stage, making it easier to treat. The lung cancer scan uses a lower dose of radiation due to ability of the technologists to cone down the x-rays around the lungs.

Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning System — The Varian Eclipse system gives radiation oncologists and physicists new tools with which to tailor plans for each patient. The technology offers advanced contouring and other interactive components that make more complex treatments possible. The system incorporates the images gathered, and the plan is sent to the linear accelerator to guide the actual radiation treatment.

Selenia Dimensions 5000 3D Mammography — Susan B. Allen is one of the first healthcare providers in the region to offer 3D mammography. This lower-dose mammography technology is the most advanced form of screening, offering superior performance to 2D alone.

Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator System — Radiation oncology is advancing rapidly. Technological advances are reshaping the way radiation is delivered. The TrueBeam  provides some of the most advanced radiation therapies available today, delivering higher doses of radiation with less toxicity to surrounding healthy tissues.

Strength Through Partnerships

Caring for cancer patients is a very precise science. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with two outstanding organizations that deliver expert care.  Physicians from the Cancer Center of Kansas and Summit Oncology, LLC provide medical and radiation oncology services on location at Susan B. Allen Cancer Center. Through our partnership with the Cancer Center of Kansas, patients have the opportunity to be part of national clinical trials, providing options usually offered only in research locations.

Convenient Care, Close to Home

At Susan B. Allen we recognize the importance of staying close to home for treatment. Treatment regimens affect not only the patient, but also the caregivers who provide transportation, and logistical and emotional support. The convenience of the cancer center being nearby means patients can walk in our front doors, while still living at home, surrounded by family and friends.  For more information about Susan B. Allen Cancer Center, please call 316.321.8780.


Lindsay, El Dorado

“I always felt like I could beat it.”

Lindsay, an avid runner and mother of two, was only 35 when she diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. At Susan B. Allen, she received aggressive therapies to attack the cancer, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. After the first 12-week round of chemotherapy, Lindsay’s pathology report came back clear.


John, Burdick, KS

“Our daughter is a surgeon, and she recommended Susan B. Allen Cancer Center.”

Even after surgery, John’s prostate cancer required additional treatment. John and his wife rely on their daughter, a general surgeon, for medical advice, and she recommended Susan B. Allen. John’s cancer was treated with 38 targeted radiation sessions, and a recent important test showed undetectable levels of cancer.


Sherry, El Dorado

“I walked in scared, and I walked out feeling good.”

It was a beautiful day in April when Sherry discovered that what seemed to be a spring cold was something much more serious. She was sent to Wichita by another doctor … “but then I found out more about the SBA cancer center and I said, ‘I want to go here.’ … And it was a wonderful, wonderful decision.”


No case is typical.  You should not expect to experience these results.
Clinical trials are offered at Susan B. Allen in partnership with the Cancer Center of Kansas.

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