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Nutritional Services

Nutrition Services



Meals on Wheels

Meals On Wheels provides hot, nutritious meals to homebound individuals, allowing them to remain independent and in their homes. Meals are delivered to clients' homes Monday through Friday, including any holiday which falls on a weekday. Special dietary needs are met as requested whenever possible, and all menus are planned by a registered dietitian.

Qualifications include being 60 years of age or older and homebound. Those who meet the Kansas Department on Aging requirements are asked to make a contribution to the program and the hospital receives a partial reimbursement for the meals from the Kasnas Department on Aging. Clients not meeting the KDOA guidelines may still receive meals but are asked to pay for the meals based upon client income. A client who is not eligible for KDOA may still receive meals at no charge if the need is demonstrated follwing assessment. Clients demonstrating a need for meals will not be denied meals becaues of inability to pay. 

The suggested contribution for MOW's clients who meet KDOA guidelines is $2.25. The maximum charge for non-qualifying clients is $4.50 per meal. 


We can’t deliver meals without volunteers – the number of meals delivered has increased dramatically, but the number of volunteers has decreased.

Commonly asked questions about volunteering:

  • When and how much time? Meals are ready to leave Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital Nutrition Services by 11:30 a.m. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to deliver a route.
  • Do I need a special permit? You will need to fill out a simple application, and references are checked. You will need a valid driver’s license.
  • What days of the week? Monday-Friday, including holidays. You can take one route, one day a week or multiple days. It is based on your availability.
  • What else is needed of me? You will be asked to pick up the empty tray from the previous day and to report to our staff anything unusual (the client not answering the door, or appears to be in trouble/not healthy).
  • Where is this at? All of the Meals-on-Wheels clients are located within the El Dorado City Limits. The Meals on Wheels program is coordinated and managed by Nutrition Services of Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital.

For more information or to sign up, call 316-322-4573.


SBA offering CHAMPSS program

CHAMPSS is a meal program for senior citizens, offering healthy meal options, while still giving seniors a choice over what they are getting to eat. It also offers flexibility in when and how often meals are available. Through the program, senior citizens come to the Hospital Café to enjoy their meal.

Susan B. Allen will provide participants with a CHAMPSS badge which will be scanned at the register after you have selected your meal. Scanning the badge will deduct one meal from your CHAMPSS account. Meals can be added to your account on designated days. The badge will also allow access to accounts to track meals. Click here to dowload the brochure.

The Ideal Plate is composed of:
1/2 Fruits and Vegetables
1/4 Whole Grains (Carbohydrates)
1/4 Lean Protein
Fresh Fruit is the only approved dessert
* Participants are allowed one meal a day.


720 W. Central El Dorado KS 67042.  (316) 321-3300